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Dessert Crawl

Welcome to the sweetest page on this website!

What is a dessert crawl, you ask? It's a baking competition, with a twist! Have you ever watched those baking competitions on TV and wish that you could be one of the judges that gets to try the delicious cake, cupcake, etc that is being eaten right in front of you on the screen? Well now you can because the twist to this competition is that YOU are the judge! Click below to get your ticket for our April 27th Dessert Crawl!

KjSouth Jersey Craft Fair_20240411_210319_0000.png

How it works:

1. Purchase $10 ticket and sample 5-10 home made desserts!

2. Place your vote for your top 3 favorites in the box in front of your chosen desserts!

3. There is no step three, LOL! Eat the desserts and see who wins!

*All baking contestants are approved through the NJ Department of Health and have valid cottage food

operator licenses*

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